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After the Flames

by | Aug 29, 2023 | My Blog | 1 comment

odor-control-dry-guys-restoration-02The Hidden Hazards Beyond the Flames

Home fires happen more often than you think, in fact an average of 800 fires happen every day in the United States…800! The number one cause of residential fires is cooking or unattended cooking , with heating (think space heaters), and faulty wiring following just behind. No matter the cause or even how big, the resulting factors are still the same. Along with the expected damage, home fires emit poison into the air causing death, lung, and even cognitive damage.

Smoke – as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary – a: the gaseous products of burning materials especially of organic origin made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon. b: a suspension of particles in a gas.

fire-and-smoke-damage-dry-guys-restoration-04Think about all the things in your home, what are they made out of? Plastic, PVC, electronics, foam, paper, and chlorinated materials, when you have a fire these items burn and their particulates are released, causing Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, and a toxic compound called Dioxin.

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when carbon monoxide builds up in the blood. Which is caused when the body replaces the oxygen in the red blood cells with carbon monoxide. This can ultimately lead to tissue damage and or death.

In turn Cyanide poisoning prevents your body from absorbing and using oxygen, you can also have your respiration impaired and even suffocate from breathing it in.



Dioxin’s are so dangerous that some consider it to be the second most toxic chemical known to man – second only to radioactive waste. Not only is this substance extremely toxic to all life, and far more lethal than asbestos or lead, it is also known to the WHO as a member of a group of dangerous chemicals also referred to as persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

POPs are chemicals of concern due to their potential for long-range transport, persistence in the environment and atmosphere. They get into our food and water systems, and can be absorbed through the skin through contact with surfaces, clothing, as well as ingestion, and inhalation.

fire-and-smoke-damage-dry-guys-restoration-01Unfortunately, once the flames go out, the dangers do not go away. The smoke and soot left behind are more than just dirt on your belongings and walls. The exposure to fire-damaged objects and lingering residue could be hazardous to your health. All fire damages should be cleaned up properly by a company that is certified to do so, and utilizes the proper cleaning supplies and equipment.

The photo to the right is a home we restored after a horrible kitchen fire. Believe it or not we were actually able to clean and fully restore this entire home back to its original state. A fire does not mean your home is not salvageable. We cleaned every square inch of this home and the effected possessions as well.

Our team at Dry Guys Restoration is IICRC certified and trained to do the packout, cleanup, demo (if needed), and restoration of your home. Let us take care of your home or business and bring it back to life. In the event of an emergency we are available 24/7.

If you have been affected by a smoke and fire damage, contact us today so we can help you get back into your home safely and as soon as possible. (833)3-DRYGUY